Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Pool of Physics

A Pool of Physics
 Contrived Photo Demonstrating Waves and Energy
                This contrived photo demonstrates the concept of waves. I call this photo “A Pool of Physics”. Using an eyedropper, I dropped a single drip of water into a pool of water creating waves. The physics behind this photo has to do with energy and waves. The energy from the water drop is transferred into the pool of water creating the shockwave. As the drop comes down to the pool of waters surface, it has potential gravitational energy and kinetic energy. As it hits the water, this energy is transferred to create a shock wave. The wave originates where the drop of water makes contact, and then moves away towards the outer edges of the pool of water. By dropping the water and getting both its impact and the waves it creates in the same image helps demonstrate two physics concepts that could be quite confusing, but this example clearly physically explains these concepts. All in all, photography, in this case, has greatly helped clarify a concept by relating it to reality.

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