Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Energy, "The Big Bucks"

          I woke up at five in the morning. Chugged me a RedBull, and prepared. Put on my shirt, jacket, pants, head cover, gloves, and all. I was all camo’d up and ready to roll. And as I walked out, I grabbed my new, Mathews Z7 Xtreme bow. Got the arrows all ready, grabbed my pack, and headed out. It was about a twenty-minute drive to the stand, my dad let me off a couple hundred yards away. I walked to the stand with my bow, climbed up into the tree, and waited for deer to show up. And as I was sitting there for hours on end in the dark, I began to fall asleep into a dream… about PHYSICS. In this dream, I was sitting in my stand waiting, but it was daytime now. A big huge buck of a lifetime, with 10 big long points, stepped out. I drew my bow back and then the dream froze. I knew that if I pulled this back and let go the arrow would fly and hit the deer, but I wondered how it works. Then, a certain person came to me in my dream; it was Mrs. Gende, the physics wizard. She explained to me this thing called ENERGY, and the CONSERVATION OF ENERGY. It was really interesting to learn about this “CONSERVATION OF ENERGY”. It helped me understand the true mechanics behind my bow.
          Now that I have woken up from this fantasy world of hunting, I understand what the conservation of energy is. One could think that it is quite confusing to find certain variables in an energy statement. But, once you learn that in conservation of energy that the initial and final energies are equal, it is quite easy. So, in this situation, if friction is negligible and my height is zero, we have both a initial and final energy chart. The initial is the bow at full draw (pulled all the way back), and the arrow in motion. There’s a lot to this concept so here’s a little thing to help you out.



  1. Excellent! what a great, creative posting.
    Only recommendation is to take a look at your system as you are missing one item...
    and of course a disclaimer saying that no deers (or bucks) were hurt during this energy transfer:)
    Great job!!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Gende. Sorry the comment is a little late. With the Internet down and the power out it has been tough to use technology. I'm on my phone right now. HAHA! But again, thank you and I'll take a look at my system